Prince Frederick Harbour

As True North cruised through Prince Frederick Harbour everyone was enjoying a gourmet lunch. I could see that a storm was brewing and already had my gear at the ready at the bow of the boat. I quickly  finished lunch and went outside and was taken back by the awesome storm TN was steaming towards. I quickly took a few shots and raced back to the dinning room to gather the troops. I found True North Mark but alas Flemming was apparently nowhere to be seen. Before long almost everyone was at the bow and in awe of the storm. Flemming too eventually showed himself amazed at how both Mark and I had failed to find him in the dining room. I swear I did not see you mate!

~ by davidbettini on April 13, 2011.

31 Responses to “Prince Frederick Harbour”

  1. Looks very familiar Dave:) Nicely processed!

  2. I think Flembot must’ve been necking in the corner with one of the Tuckeries mate!

  3. Oooh – very nice Dave ! great colours indeed ! Remote, wild coastline topped off with that ragged little outflow boundary. Lucky buggers !

    So what was flembot actually upto…… ? ha

    • G’day Tony
      This storm was so beautiful. It did eventually slip away to the right but we did wet. The outflow was pretty strong too. Flemming assures me he was indeed in dinning room, having lunch I assume.

  4. magic

  5. First, that is the best I have seen yet of that storm and much better than mine. Awesome. The tones are simply perfect. Phase One 16 bit medium format pixels in full force. Brilliant shot mate.

    Secondly, and this will be discussed at many a board meeting of Epicness Inc. – thanks to my fellow members of Epicness Inc for NOT getting me while the best storm of the whole trip was happening right in front of us. I was sitting right in the middle of the dining room having lunch, looking like my good self, no make up or anything. My dear thanks to the awesome Bryony (boss-girl!) for alerting me and telling me to get up to the bow!

    Mark, what’s a ‘Tuckeries’ I don’t know?

  6. Go yo the top of the class Dave!

  7. Yes…you can now qualify for 2 very epic cuddles!:)

    • Got my own original Phase back and tested today. All good!!
      And that with 2 epic cuddles. Very happy day!!!
      PS is this really Markie Mark or Flemming still masquerading as you!

      • It’s definitely Mark, I would not hand out cuddles like that just ‘cos you guessed a word. Now I might have been busy chatting to Tuckeries, but you come get me when there’s a storm ok!!! 🙂

        Tuckeries for the win 🙂 What a nice new word to learn.

  8. Aah tux the legend himself!:)

  9. Just checked the Darwin radar mate. There’s some storms up there.
    Hop to it mate. I’ve kept you in the loop!

    Oh and Mark what does “aruny” mean? You are the word sleuth!

  10. Hi David. I love the colour of that water. What an amazing shot mate.


    • G’day Jamie
      The whole scene was amazing. The colours were so perfect. All I had to do was take the picture!
      Thanks for stopping by mate!

  11. Just a fun ryme that I give to names when I think it suits mate!:)

  12. Indeed…i

  13. Magic photo, Dave. Exquisite colours. Really sorry I missed it, too.

    Guess I must have been chatting to the Tuckeries too, with the Flembot! An understandable lapse 🙂

    • G’day Greg
      I reckon your mind would have been elsewhere! he he. I reckon you would have got the goods anyway eh? Have you thought anymore about a tele lens?

  14. fantastic shot indeed Dave, and with this forming in front of your eyes I think you’re very much excused from not notifying anyone! If it was me i’d not want to take my eyes off it for a second haha.

    I miss the storms already. we had a bit of convection back again the last 2 days but today it’s back to perfect (boring I spose) weather haha.

    you still wandering up this way to the Kimberley this season?

    • G’day Stephen
      I did get everyone else. I only had about 1 or 2 min with this storm for myself and about 20 min with everyone else before it started to rain.
      Yea I miss the rain too…..hang on we haven’t had any in Perth! Almost forgotten what rain is down here!
      Yea I still am heading up north again soon. Looking like mid May. Will keep you informed if I drive up the inland road.
      Cheers mate

  15. Kick arse phase one perfection mate. You can just see the quality

  16. […] name for a river!). My storm image is nothing compared to what it should be. My favourite is David’s version seen here. There is a reason why I missed out, Mark and Dave captured the epicness and claim they could not […]

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