Kimberley rainforest

Here’s a favourite of mine taken on the recent Kimberley trip.

In the far northwest Kimberley the presence of monsoon rainforest is not only due to high rainfall but also to the absence of fires. Nestled between turquoise sea and spectacular sandstone the rainforest is totally protected from the frequent wildfires that sweep across the eucalypt dominated savanna above. Remarkably the plants found within this niche habitat are more closely related with those of the jungles of South East Asia than with those of the Australian outback.

~ by davidbettini on April 27, 2011.

32 Responses to “Kimberley rainforest”

  1. Great shot, great story…taken by a cool dude…all good!

    • I really wanted to get a good shot of the rainforest this time in the Kimberley. I’ve already got heaps from previous trips but when we flew over the rock pillar in the pic Reynor was kind enough to give me some open door time! Thanks mate! I love the cool dude title!
      Thanks mate for the cool dude comment!

  2. No wukkers cool dude! 🙂

  3. Duuude! That is just the very definition of Epicness. You are the king of arial shots and that Phase One is serving you well. Man my 5D arial shots looks crappy compared to the Phase detail.

    Love this shot. I found the rain forest so remarkable as well, kept saying that it looks like Borneo + red rocks. This image is a good example of what you can see on True North and only True North, nothing on the Gibb comes within even 1% of this epicness.

    • Thanks mate! Yep I’m loving the detail too! The forest looks awesome at 100% you can just about see every leaf!
      I’m been doing a lot of reading on the Kimberley rainforest in a book which I’ve had for ages but haven’t really taken the time to read. It’s loaded with info. You can borrow it if you want.
      There are some areas of rainforest you can drive to but as you said none as good as those in the remote TN territory!

  4. Amazing shot David, ooops sorry I mean DUDE!. No wonder it’s one of your favourites.

  5. Killer image Dave ! It would have been awesome up in the chopper over that, it would also be unreal to be on foot having a look about in there too ! Always new species of all sorts being found yearly from places like this up there.

    • You got it Tone. Scientists are finding more and more species in this part of the Kimberley. One such scientist stated that on the nearby Mitchell Plateau they find a species of plant every day! Amazing how we know so little.

  6. Hey Dave, perfect cover for a new book. Now that would be worth a look
    great images mate cheers Adrian

    • Thankyou Adrian. I have been a unsure about this image ever since I took it. Wasn’t sure if people would like it as there so much green and no epic waves or storm clouds etc. Nice to have a subtle image every now and them eh?

  7. Loving your compositions in these Kimberley images Dave, they convey the vastness of the area very well, haven’t seen a dud yet.

  8. Nice mate.

    Are we supposed to looking for Flemming or Wally in this one ??? 🙂 🙂

    I bet there’s some good ones in those duds as you call them.

  9. Great work Dave, that is certainly an epic landscape

  10. What a magical place. Love the kimberly colours!

  11. lovely composition Dave. Like to see a bit more contrast in the midtones though.

    • Cheers CF. Will have a look at this one again when I get a minute. The light wasn’t great when I took this one and I’m probably a bit anxious about the greens!
      Thanks mate

  12. Hi Dave, I keep looking at this image and for some reason it doesn’t grab me. great viewpoint and composition but it seems to have that HDR look to it. Perhaps too much blue in the shadows?

    • Cheers Tim. This is shot that I really wanted to work. I do love the composition but the colours do have a bit of an surreal look about them.

  13. I really like it. I initially had the same thought as Christian on the contrast but after absorbing the image for a few moments I think it would be better left as is. By upping the contrast you may loose the painterly feel to the image

    • Hey Luke.
      I did initially have more contrast and a less saturation but preferred this. Will have to have another look at it as this one shot that I want to get the best out of!
      Glad you liked it mate. Stop by anytime!

  14. Dave goes aerial and once again comes back down with a beauty! if it wasn’t for that red you’d have thought you were in some South East Asian jungle that’s for sure! your usual great composition, really like it. the haze adds an extra dimension to it, very nice

    • Thanks Stephen. The Kimberley is indeed full of contrasts! Stay tuned mate. I’ve got a quintessential Aussie landscape coming up in about 10 mins!

  15. 10 minutes is up mate! 🙂

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