King George Falls

King George Falls is surely the Kimberley’s most spectacular waterfall. There is nothing like being here. The roar of the water is deafening as the twin falls crash 80 metres into a dramatic sea gorge.

Mark, Flemming and I all had different itineraries on this particular day but we all managed to meet up at the edge of a spectacular precipice directly in front of the falls. Flemming stated that this place was the “Perfect office”. Not wrong there mate!

~ by davidbettini on May 12, 2011.

19 Responses to “King George Falls”

  1. You’ve nailed this one Dave.

    I can almost hear the roar of them here. 🙂

  2. Love it, Dave! (Would love to see a sense of the scale, however). Knowing what was going on there when you took the shot, I want to tell any bloggers who didn’t have the good fortune to experience the King George Falls as you shot them (the wettest year in recent memory) this:

    * Twin 260 feet waterfalls (Western Australia’s biggest) that are 1.6 times the height of the Mount Eliza Apartments near Kings Park aka. the circular shaped “Thermos Flask”;

    * The spray was rising from the river to well over 350 feet in the air;

    * The water was so rough on the LHS falls that you could not safely get a 12 ft tinny within 100 metres of the Falls;

    * The wind was so severe on the RHS falls that when we crossed in a tinny from the protected headland on the RHS, across the front of the Falls (ie. where the spray rises so high in the air), it was as if we were in a wild storm, and we were soaked to the skin in just a few seconds.

    * There was froth on the water over 1 kilometre down stream!

    • Well said Greg! The falls are everything you described.
      Re some scale: Where’s Wally is stand beside the left hand waterfall holding a ruler!

  3. Yep well done Dude and a great set of facts for the punters from the Gregman!

    Funny how I seem to have a very similar shot to this one…can’t understand why! 🙂

    Maybe its coz I was standing right next to you eh!

    I was there earlier though when True North was edging in there, so I did have a rather large ‘Wally’ to give me the scale!

    • Yea I know you were mate! I came charging all full of gusto and wrecked the serenity!
      Well actually I stumbled in huffing and puffing dragging in a shipping container full of Phase gear! he he
      I was busy in the chopper earlier. Will probably post that one tomorrow.

    • Thanks, Markie. I’ve addressed this further in a reply to Hodgy below!

      People can begin to understand how great the True North trip is when they realise that the boat will take them up close and personal to twin waterfalls that are over 1.5 times as high as the “Thermos Flask” (assuming you go when the water is pumping).

      The Gregman

  4. Yeah mate, I thought a steam train was comin around the mountain when you arrived eh!

    He’ll be comin around the mountain when he comes…he’ll be comin around teh mountian when he comes…..!:)

    Then he’ll huff and he’ll puff and nearly pass out!

    Lookin fwd to the aerial mate…you nailed those on this trip!

    • The chopper is great addition to True North. Genius. Kinda got goose bumps seeing the boat the chopper on top. The perfect adventure machine!
      I’ve got a nice one of Eagle Falls too.

  5. I can tell you a story about how helis came to be a part of True North! When Craig came to me in 1998 when we designed the last 34m True North, he was adamant he wanted a chopper on board.

    When we started looking into the logistics we tried very hard to talk him out of it as the legalities and rules were a logistical nightmare!

    I kinda got focused when he said, ‘if we can make the chopper work, there would be no new True North’…we found a way!

    We have been blewing with AMSA on the new boat since the boat was launched and they are still trying to move the goal posts!

    They are the biggest bunch of arse covering bureaucrats ever put on this planet eh!

    But they may well have just crossed the line with a recent bout of crap they sent our way. They sent through some emails that are bordering on being defamatory, so we are looking at our legal options you could say! 🙂

  6. Awesome work Dave, that is a stunning image with great clarity and colour tones.

    I would give a lot to have a photo of Dave stumbling through the bush. I had packed up my gear then and frankly, I was also quite stunned to see you! I spotted movement to my left and stunned said to Markie – “that is Dave, Dave is here, how in the hell did that happen!”. Only due to the loud roar of the falls did we not hear you a mile away, dragging all your gear up the mountain!!!!

    Greg left out an all important fact re our epic shoot at King Georgs Fall:

    * Flembot was still wearing eyeliner from Party Night

  7. He he, very funny Flembot…and very true!

  8. Wow

  9. Brilliant Dave !! and Gregs explanation of it were great as well.

    • Thanks, Hodgy. The photo highlights the challenge of trying to convey, on a computer screen, what it was like to be there, in a situation that is truly awesome.

      I’m just an enthusiastic amateur so words can be a great supplement for me. This is especially so when there is so much in the shot (aka most landscapes) and the lens has had to do a real job to capture it all (stitch or not).

      Makes me realise how skilful some photographers are when they can convey that despite those challenges. Let’s hear it for the photogs – HIP, HIP … 🙂

  10. Horray! 🙂

  11. I was just showing this to my friend George, who made a comparison with the Niagara Falls. While Niagara Falls are much wider wider, they are 167 feet tall compared to the 260 feet of our King George Falls.

    In other words, King George Falls are about 1.5 times the height of Niagara Falls, or approx. 100 feet higher than Niagara Falls!

    Thus my initial comment about the sense of scale in the Kimberley. That’s why you have to go there to believe it.

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