Golden salty

This saltwater crocodile was so curious of our tender and wasn’t afraid of us getting pretty close. I really like the direct eye contact.

~ by davidbettini on April 19, 2011.

14 Responses to “Golden salty”

  1. Yep, I recall seeing the RAW image of this guy after you shot him eh…very different colour for sure and they weren’t scared to get close at all!

    What about a slight vignette?? Maybe?

    • G’day mate. He was only little but he was colourful. I reckon that they are yellow when they are small and get darker and duller as they mature.
      There is already a slight vignette on the pic. I must admit I’m not a bit fan of vignettes. I almost always put them on my wildlife shots but then back them off so you can barely notice.

  2. Looking into the eyes of a croc is like looking into pre-history. There is no love in a croc’s eyes! Sweet shot.

    • G’day Tim. I reckon they are truly amazing creatures. They are indeed beautiful as long as you respect them. You are right they are indeed dinosaurs!

  3. nice work Davo, i’m yet to see one of these suckers in the wild but looking forward to doing so. very nice shot

  4. I am with you David, they are amazing and beautiful creatures. We even caught a few while fishing!

  5. Those eyes feel like they look right through you, We saw plenty of these on our adventure last year and they all have that same look about them, primed and ready to crunch any thing that moves. Great shot by the way , nice and simple.

  6. Cool shot David, gotta say I’m glad it’s you guys that are so close to the crocs and not me, I crapped my pants up in Cairns last year and I didn’t even see one, it was just because I saw a croc warning sign where I was and I had to run along a narrow trail with bush all around it. 🙂

  7. Very Nice Dave, do love a croc shot.

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