Another from King George Falls

Here’s another view of the majestic King George Falls. Taken from True North’s helicopter.

~ by davidbettini on May 17, 2011.

32 Responses to “Another from King George Falls”

  1. You are the chopper guru mate!

    And you got the rainbow we saw from the lookout as well…sweeeet!

  2. Indeed…and you certainly achieved that mission!

    This tape destructs in 5 seconds! 🙂

  3. Yep, a cracker Dave – great shot of a piece of history! We’re so lucky to have seen the wettest season in memory and to have yourself (and 2 other gurus) capture it so well!

    • Thanks one again for the kind words Greg. I guess it can be considered as history as it might be a while before it is all good as it was for us, especially at that time of the Wet.

  4. No mate it was history because all the legends came together at once!!! 🙂

    EPICNESS incorporated was formed and heaps of other firsts!

  5. I really like this Dave …… but, gee I wish I could see more.

    • More….? More in the picture or more shots of the waterfall?

      • More in the picture , a wider view.
        A little more of where the water is coming from a a little more of where it is going.

        And you can put up as many shots as you like, I’ll look at em.

      • I experimented a lot with this crop mate. The crop does frustrate me a bit too but I do reckon it works best the way I currently have it.
        FYI…. The water is coming from the top, flowing over the cliff and it’s going out to sea.
        He he he

  6. I would never had picked the water going that way. 🙂 🙂

  7. I commented on this the other day? Strange? My mind is going?

    Another awesome magic arial Dave, you are the king. Really like this although it’s not gritty nor dark 😉

    If you had included a bit more at the bottom you would have had Epicness members Mark and I standing on the edge of the world – now that shot would have sold millions!

  8. I concur with my Epic brother in arms! 🙂

    • Thanks Flemming but alas nature is far too beautiful to cover it is rusted texture and blackness! he he
      I did include you guys. Go to my first post from the True North and find the 2 Wally’s in that one!

      • ah yes, I see it now, although can we please see a 100% cutout posted along with that image, so everyone can see the office of Epicness Inc !

      • Oh um…….. I’ve actually just had a look at that pic at 100% and alas no one is there! You weren’t there in time!

      • oh noooooo….. EPIC FAIL !!!!!!!

        another thing we’ll have to discuss at the next board meeting 🙂

      • Hang on mate. I’ve found Andre and 2 others at the top of the trail walking towards the falls. Did you and Mark arrive before or after them. I’ll scan through a few more shots and see if I can find the Wallys!

      • we arrived way before them! We must be in there. You were with us in the tender, by the time you got back to TN and onboard the chopper surely we would have been in position long before that. Find the epic Wally’s please 😀

      • Found! You and Mark appear to be sleeping!

      • Must see! Post it! First evidence of Epicness Inc HQ from above!

        I don’t remember us sleeping but then again, I was a bit hungover from party night 😉

  9. I was just recovering from the climb up there! 🙂 But I reckon Dave looked worse than me when he arrived! 🙂

  10. Great shot Dave, shitload of water coming over those falls! Always wondered what the landscape was like above the falls, now I know!

  11. Whoa, that is an impressive scene Dave. Bloody awesome

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  13. brilliant shot Dave, amazing spectacle, and you captured it well in this image. the rainbow is a perfect addition, good to see you got what you set out for 😀

  14. Very good aerial shot of the water falls.

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