Who is David Bettini


Kimberley 2004

Kimberley 2004


Borneo 2009

Borneo 2009

I am a self taught landscape, nature and aerial photographer based in Perth, Western Australia. I have spent much of my life living and working on an outback sheep station near Carnarvon until my photography quickly developed from a hobby to a profession more than 10 years ago.

I spend around 3 months each year traveling to wild and remote locations throughout Western Australia either on foot, four-wheel drive or by helicopter.  I have published 4 books, the most recent being a stunning portayal on the Kimberley.

4 Responses to “Who is David Bettini”

  1. Yep I have seen the book and can vouch for your work Dave…very impressive!

  2. Hey David, how you going? What’s been happening with you lately, keeping busy I hope.
    Will have to try an catch up soon, either when I’m in Perth or if you’re down south.
    Take care mate.

  3. HI david I had a pic framed from the book and still love it to this day 7 yrs ago now, you did delivery this to me in Belmont WA~~~
    Its always a taliking point no matter what~~~~
    Hope your good
    Cherri Bonney take care~~~:)
    BTW my link www.http://australiasronstadt.aapahire.com.au

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