Here’s 3 stowaways  Captain Brad found aboard the True North.

No actually they are indeed legends in their own right. On the left is Greggy Munyard, one of the funniest blokes you will ever meet. And that’s not because he’s a Nikon user! Mate you had me in stitches for two weeks. On centre stage is none other than international man of mystery Flemming Bo Jenson. On the right looking smug is superstar Markie Stothard – the guy who makes everything happen aboard the True North! Well he does own the boat after all!

~ by davidbettini on April 4, 2011.

8 Responses to “Stowaways”

  1. Legendary. Epicness Incorporated.

    Funny image! It’s anyones guess what the heck my expression is supposed to say, I have no idea. Also my upper body seems to have been inflated by the wind 🙂

  2. Yes indeed a shot of Epicness that will be hard to surpass I feel!

    With subject matter like that it is hard to go wrong I say!

  3. Shows what a top notch animal photographer you are, Dave, to make those guys look worthy of a post 😉

    I thought the “True North” was a bit more discriminating than to allow mischief makers like that on board.

    Then again, they do look like that famous trio that went ashore a volcano on a PNG trip in Nov. 2010 and never stopped talking about that, either!

    Was fantastic travelling and shooting with you again, mate. If laughing makes you younger I now know why we all behaved like kids – roll on the next trip!!

  4. Hey Greg
    I’ll photography all types of wildlife! Thanks for the comments mate. We all had such a awesome time on TN and I reckon we must do it again in the future. Still laughing mate!

  5. Hey Markie

    You need to take some responsibility here; it’s your (and Craigo’s) boat where all these photographers are having fun. Have they forgotten that they are at work??

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