Montgomery Reef

Montgomery Reef was simply amazing from the air. Abstracts were everywhere. It seemed as though all you had to do was point the camera downwards and push the shutter.

~ by davidbettini on April 1, 2011.

8 Responses to “Montgomery Reef”

  1. I don’t remember this one, very nice one. The greens and blues are lovely soft and the patterns are so cool. How amazing was Montgomery Reef, I was blown away.

    I might be tempted to try and make it more abstract by cropping it a fair bit, remove the island.

    • Hey Flemming
      I took this one towards the end. I’ve also noticed that I have a shot very similar to the gem that you took. Now that’s the one I don’t remember taking!
      It was an amazing shoot wasn’t it? I would have loved more time in the air and to have also shot the reef in bright sunlight. If we’re ever up that way again we’ll have to share a chopper again.
      Great suggestion about cropping the island. These short of shots are so versatile eh?

  2. Amazing image Dave – Is the patter towards the top of frame the tide rapidly receding off the reef ?

    • I reckon that’ll just be the wind Tony. It was a bit of shame that the area was only experiencing neap tides so the tides weren’t racing too much. Spring tides out at the reef would have been amazing as the whole reef platform apparently rises out the sea!

  3. Awesome series of images, Dave. Lovely aerial of Mongomery Reef. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an image of Mitchell Falls with so much water before. Spectacular stuff.

    • G’day Paul
      Thanks for the comments mate. It was such a spectacular trip. the amount of water was to be expected but nothing is as good as being there seeing it for yourself! You would have loved it Paul! So wild and pristine.

  4. Wicked shot David, the textures all look awesome.

    • Thanks Andrea.
      Everyone enjoyed this photo shoot. There were textures everywhere. And of course it is so pristine. Turtles, dugongs and even crocs. It’s all there! Didn’t see them though!

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