Wet season drama

As our helicopter descended through low cloud and mist we rewarded with a view of the Kimberley wet season in all its magnificence. Mitchell Falls was rushing fast and dirty. Wilderness photography couldn’t get any better!

~ by davidbettini on March 31, 2011.

21 Responses to “Wet season drama”

  1. Drama with a capitol D and roaring with a capitol R.

    The wet season at it’s best captured here Dave.

  2. Awesome, can almost hear the roar from here.

  3. It’s just absolutely amazing David, the falls are going off. Awesome shots again. I need to think of some new descriptive words for my posts. lol

  4. I think I should have done this chopper flight, Mitchell Falls would have made for some impressive video. The first photo is awesome.

    I thought the real wet season drama was you arriving at our base HQ at King Georg Fall’s, so tired you were unable to speak and shoot!

  5. love the top image Davo, wow! 😀 the composition is perfect, love how the river teases by exciting the frame before reappearing down the bottom at the falls. the touches of cloud top it off for me. amazing! 🙂

    • Thanks mate. I thought this waterfall was so dramatic. I was expecting it to be big but when you’re seeing it for real from it chopper it’s almost unbelievable!

  6. Once again great captures mate…I will have to revisit mine!

    I sooo needed the extra half hour up there to check out the best capture point as I am not happy with my land shots really…needed to be higher I reckon.

    • I’m not even sure if I’m going to work on my ground shots. I reckon we were too close as my shots were simply overwhelmed with raging water. After you left I though about climbing to a higher vantage point but there wouldn’t have been time and there was no guarantees the viewpoint would be been better. My favourite shot (top) was the very first one I took. Go figure!
      Cheers Dave

  7. Fantastic collection of images Dave – they really show the place in full wet season mode, I bet the large files look insane !

    • Yep the tiffs do look great. And they are only cropped slightly to the files are around 280-300mb and have so much clarity and detail. I’m stoked with the new camera. And it was actually very easy to use hand held from the chopper.

  8. Nature at her best, kool shot . been hearing about your exploits on the trip, very envious mate

  9. WOW, power plus, nice shots.

  10. Dave you need to print these to 60 ” they would sing. Go the phase! The best camera on the planet. Nice captures mate.

    • I will indeed be printing the top one big. I also have a few orders for the new phase images as well. So yep the camera is starting to pay it’s way! Cheers mate.

  11. Awesome stuff Dave, you’ve caught all the the feeling of the wild water of the wet. Love it!

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