Back from the Kimberley

I’m back in Perth after an adventure of a lifetime. Kim and I were aboard the True North on it’s first 2011 Kimberley adventure. We were both in awe at power and drama of the Kimberley wet season. Waterfalls and spectacular cloudscapes were everywhere! I now have 500GB of focus stacks, stitches and single frames to process. Stay tuned as there is so much more to come!

I would also like to commend the True North. The service provided by Mark Stothard and the all crew was as awe inspiring as the Kimberley landscapes. A landscape photographer always has specific needs and nothing was a problem in providing this for me. Thanks so much to Mark, Kay the ship’s cruise director, Captain Brad, helicopter pilot Reynor and all aboard for their exceptional service and attention to detail. We have made many new friends and can’t wait to see everyone again in the future.

Go and see it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Cheers Dave

~ by davidbettini on March 28, 2011.

23 Responses to “Back from the Kimberley”

  1. Awesome shot Dave, the True North looks like a toy in that spectacular gorge with the King George Falls in the background. That trip is on the top of my wish list. You certainly picked the year to go though, what a huge wet season! I’ll be up there in May, should still be loads of water around then, but i wont see the stuff you saw. I look forward to buying you a coffee and hearing some stories.

  2. Gday Dave, only 500GB – that’s what you get when you spend too much time fishing, partying and dressing up like a lady. Go back and try harder this time. You need enough shots for another book don’t you? 😉

    • G’day Muzz. I never went fishing and only dressed like Flemming once! So I guess that’s not why I only shot 500GB. I reckon I averaged about 150-200 frames a day which is a lot considering the size of the files!
      I would love to go back but not sure if we could go harder! Mark, Flemming and I are pretty much spent after all the trekking we did!

  3. sounds like an awesome trip Dave. Look forward to seeing some of the images, with only a small amount of jealosy…………ok, bit more than a little but only human

  4. Dave, it was such a blast man, what a faaaantastic epic adventure. I am still knackered, just fell asleep at sunset on Cable Beach. I haven’t laughed that much in months, just a fantastic time. I am having True North withdrawals, it’s like legal ecstacy.

    And Dave wore his kimono for about 30 minutes or so before he chickened out 😀

    • Indeed it was Flemming. Haven’t had so much fun in ages. Can’t wait to go out shooting together again sometime soon. You are very lucky to be able to fall asleep on Cable Beach!

  5. Hey Dave what an awesome shot, you guys have all got some amazing photo’s from the trip. This is definately on top of my wish list that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Great shot Dave! I have been along this and other rivers up there and immediately thought that flying along them would be awesome.
    Look forward to seeing more from you, Mark and Flemming.

    • Thanks Tim. No matter how you view the Kimberley it is awesome. When were you in the Kimberley. Would love to see some of your work.

      • I was last up there as skipper of a vessel called “Discovery One” at the beginning of the 2009 season. Spent 2 months up there and managed to get some images even though I rarely made it ashore.
        if you go to my blog you will see some of them under the tag of Kimberley Coast.


  7. Mate this looks like a painting. Absolutely stunning nothing more to say.

    Lucky Bastard!!!!


  8. I’m here now…..

  9. very nice Dave, great to see you back on here 😀
    by the sounds of it you rate this trip as one of your best, definitely would have been memorable with the ridiculous amount of water around.
    you always get great aerial shots, so i’m excited to see what you managed with a heli at your disposal for that length of time! 😀

    • Got heaps of shots from the air Stephen. The amount of water was fantastic. You would have been chasing some waterfalls in the Pilbara eh?

  10. Hey there big buddy….thanks for all the kind words mate. I am pleased that we ticked all the boxes for you and I very much enjoyed leading the charge. I too am still doughy after those 2 weeks!

    I dropped about 3 kilos and the knees are still screaming after all the rock hopping we did.

    You are the master of the aerials mate and that phase does them justice for sure!

    • You and TN were legendary in the way the trip was handled. A photographers delight. And Kim reckons it was the best holidays she’s ever been on. I’m still coming down from such a big high. Thanks again mate for making everything happen! I’ll be working a photo of you, Flemming and Greggy soon so stay tuned.

  11. 500Gb? thats like one shot on the phase isnt it? hehe

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