Carnaby’s cockatoo


Those in WA might have heard about the large number of birds perishing on the south coast last week – probably due to extremely hot weather. The already endangered Carnaby’s black-cockatoo took a hammering with about half of the areas population dying. This charismatic bird is my favorite bird species and I was saddened to hear the news. Here’s an image of a female taken in the mid west a couple of months ago. She was chomping through the banksia cones in search of a meal of seeds. Hopefully the south coast population will recover in the years to come.

~ by davidbettini on January 11, 2010.

34 Responses to “Carnaby’s cockatoo”

  1. I didnt actually hear about that Dave, not good at all. This is a cracker of a shot though, I love the detail in it.

  2. Cheers Danny. Yea they reckon about 130 perished. Apparently DEC will have autopsy results in about a week so we’ll know for sure what happened.

  3. Nice pic Dave,he looks like a happy little cockatoo. I’m not sure if you have seen the pic of the cockatoo’s I posted the other day but you might be able to tell me if they Carnaby’s or not. Graham at ecomuse thinks they could be.

    Cheers Pete.

  4. Youaredaman of bird shots dude!

    Cracker shot mate and great story as well!

  5. Yeah mate, got back today…Rotto shots up and posted…check em out. I think I did good!

  6. Great cockatoo David. Swing by my blog I was very very lucky to get a red-tail cockatoo yesterday!

    Cheers mate

    David (its a GREAT name)

  7. Great shot Dave, beautiful and sharp.
    I heard that news from over here in Eastern Australia, there are a lot of animals perishing at the moment, but thats nature.

    We I live we get Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Gang Gangs and the Sulphur-crested cockatoo. Along with Corellas, and many other parrots.


    • Cheers Tom
      I’m not sure if the bird deaths can be attributed by the heat only. They’ll know in about week if something else played a part.

      Would love to get some shots of the yellow-tails and gang gangs one day. They’re just beautiful birds eh?

  8. you finally got a pic of one of these guys mate, and a great one at that. I see a book of your birds coming out soon. Call it “Naked Birds” and you will see a heap.

  9. Hey Dave what a portrait of a brilliant bird. These guys have some serious pressure per square inch in those choppers!
    Great detail ! I agree on the book title !

  10. great shot as always Dave.
    they are wonderful birds, and very sad to hear the losses they suffered last week.
    got a few red tails hanging round my place at the moment- not sure if they’re nesting, but not the easiest to follow them round suburban streets to find out lol.

  11. Good one Dave, he sat up nice for you and gave you a cheeky grin as well.

  12. Great shot, David. Amazing detail right there!

  13. Great shot of a great looking Bird Dave – I’m not sure if ‘he’ is smiling or laughing.. either way I like how ‘he’s’ amongst the Banksia with just the sky above/behind. I hope the population numbers recover and grow fast !


  14. Great Shot Dave, sad to hear about the birds!

  15. Great shot, Dave. Haven’t since seen that small flock that I told you about out the front of our place. Am realising what a special moment that was.
    Separate matter: I got a pic of a bird up at Ecco Beach that I’ll send you for identification, as the resident guru.
    Greg M

  16. great image David, a beaut bird that one!!!

  17. Time for a new one Dave. 🙂

  18. I’ll pop that one up tomorrow mate!

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