Marble Bar Day




Best known for being one of the hottest places in Australia the tiny outback town of Marble Bar is also surrounded by stark landscapes.

Merv French, Flemming Bo Jenson and I are jointly showcasing this magnificent part of the Pilbara on our blogs.

Here are a few of my favorites which can be found in my Pilbara book.

Does anyone else has a favourite image of Marble Bar? Pop it up on your blog for all to see! We look forward to seeing them.

~ by davidbettini on October 28, 2009.

39 Responses to “Marble Bar Day”

  1. Incredible nice work David, first one I really love. Blows my Marble Bar shots out of the water so to speak (I apparently went for quantity!)

    Here’s my contribution to Marble Bar day !

  2. What about me Dave…… ?
    Are mine not worthy

  3. Of course they are Rod! I’ve just stopped by and yep great stuff mate!

  4. love the top and bottom one’s Dave. and if i may say so- they look even better in print!! 🙂

  5. […] Dave Bettini […]

  6. was just kidding mate… love your images… Its a pretty cool place even if it is in the middle of nowhere huh… might go back one day.. CF should do a workshop there, get the place rocking I reckon

  7. Good stuff Dave.

    Amazing amount of water around Marble Bar considering it’s location.

    This has been a good idea, we must find a location and do it again sometime.

    • Thanks Merv. You may be surprised to know that Marble Bar averages nearly as much rain as your home town so I guess the water has to go somewhere!
      We should definately do a theme again sometime.

      • Yeah I knew about the rain , pity it all falls in a week and not spread out a bit:)

        I ‘ve got a shot of the river south of town , I’ll post it one day.

        I”d like to see it in full flow it would be a great sight.

        This has worked out well we’ll do it again for sure

      • Dave I was in Perth today and was going to give you a ring and catch up but ran out of time.

        When are you going?

  8. Really nice set of images Dave, That water in Doolena Gorge sure looks inviting.
    I thought maybe someone would post a pic of the digital sign in the main street indicating the ambient temperature at the time, Like you need to be reminded of how hot it is HaHa. I have posted my effort here.

  9. Dave these are great. The lonely tree image is a great display of how isolated the place really is. love it
    cheers Adrian

  10. Ah see you have addede a lonely tree now, my favourite kind of image – outstanding! Count the number of solitary trees in my galleries, it is ridiculous 😀

    • I find them irrestible too. My books are full of them. When looking for shots if all else fails I look for loneiest tree! Maybe solitary trees could be own next blog project? Cheers

  11. That is one sweet set of images mate. I like grassland and breakaway country so much and I’ve only seen some once, roll on Karijini. There is something about a bruised sky, nice and moody.

  12. Hi Merv
    You should have dropped by! I’m off this Sunday and will be away for 2-3 weeks.

  13. Stunning set there David. I wish I had some images of Marble Bar I could display.
    Just added your link to my blog

  14. Great series of shots you have there David.
    The compositions are just marvellous.

  15. Nice work mate!

    I never knew there was water close to Marble Bar, otherwise i would have ‘wet my gills’ last time I was there eh!



    • Yea there’s lots of water up there. The whole area is the catchment to one of WA’s largest rivers – the De Grey. Mind you the water can actually be a bit too warm to swim in during summer!
      Cheers Dave

  16. Nice series you have there Dave, I especially like the Rainstorm and Gorge and as CF would say ” They should be mine” 🙂

  17. Very very nice Dave. That top one is my favorite. Out of interest do you have any shot in and around Pannawonica.

    • Hi Matt. Yea I do have a few shots of the Paninawonica area. I’ll pop one up when I get to Perth if you like. I haven’t got any shots of or even been to Paninawonic Hill though. That one’s still on the to do list.

      • Cheers… I just know my family would love a shot of Pannawonica Hill. It’s on my very long to do list and it is a very long way for us NSW folk.

  18. Cheers Dave, I know my family would love a shot of Pannawonica Hill. It is also on my very long to do list as well.

  19. Hey Dave …. are you back in the big smoke yet ?

  20. Come on mate , you’d better rattle one up onto here !!!!.

  21. Love the Dooleena Gorge shot (I live in Newman). I do have one up on my website but I prefer yours!!

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