Monger’s Lake

mongers lake

Monger’s Lake was as far north as we got on our trip towards Paynes Find. I really like the simplicity of the lake and of course the fantastic cloud and distant hills to compliment the otherwise featureless landscape.

~ by davidbettini on October 5, 2009.

14 Responses to “Monger’s Lake”

  1. Great capture David, really like the true colours and scene you’ve grabbed here, the simplicity makes the shot, it’s a cracker.

  2. Nice image, at first I thought it looked nothing like Lake Monger, but it’s Mongers Lake! I’m with Merv, very nice, like an arid version version of a typical Stirling Ranges image. A real winner in my books.

    • Yep I often get that when I mention Mongers Lake. I had a pic of the lake in my WA book and even had someone call me up saying it was the wrong lake! Thanks for stopping by. Cheers

  3. As Merv said, the ‘simplicity’, nice colour in the cloud, great shot.

  4. YEp it works Dave for sure, but as you say, it is amazing the different angles we all apply to the same area…well done!

  5. a big yes from me too mate!

  6. Hey Dave, really like this, will have to get up there myself.
    Cheers Adrian

  7. Yup, like it mate!



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