Even a Yellow-billed spoonbill has flown in to check out David’s new blog

spoony for web

Hi everyone and thanks for dropping by my new blog.

Firstly big thanks to Christian Fletcher for helping me set up parts of the blog and to Merv French for his constant bantering which led to me setting one up! Cheers fellas.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting landscape images from my new Kimberley book as well as some landscape and wildlife pictures from a recent trip to Borneo.

I have travelled all over Western Australia so if there is a location you would like to see then just let me know and I’ll see if I have it.

In the meantime lets get cracking!

~ by davidbettini on September 22, 2009.

16 Responses to “Even a Yellow-billed spoonbill has flown in to check out David’s new blog”

  1. Like what I see so far mate. Your going to get a real following pretty quick I’d say.

    I saw your Pilbara book last year in Newman and kicked myself since that I didn’t buy it.

    I’d better get my A into gear and pick both of them up.

  2. Welcome to the community Dave!

    I am expecting greatness you realise!

    I look fwd to seeing your images up and I very much like this one as a starter!

  3. You ar enow linked to my blog as well Dave!

    By the way, once you approve someone they stay approved so you only have to do it once!



  4. Hey Dave, welcome to what will become your second family. It becomes addictive and pushes you to take high quality images and search for the next landscape, macro or wildlife composition. I have added you as a link to my wordpress, I look forward to seeing more of you work.
    regards Adrian
    ( wayte27.wordpress.com)

  5. Wow that is a fantastic wildlife shot Dave. I am meeting two Australian geographic Photographers today. Will ask them if they need a Kimberley photographer on the payroll. Good on you for getting started. It will be good for your profile and good for us to see your pics. We all learn from each other. It is addictive and fun, and a great way to get together with like minded people. Cheers buddy. Now we need to get Paul Parin up to speed.

    • Yea thanks Christian. I reckon everyone would love a NG gig. I have assisted Frans Lanting in the past. Does that count? There’s little doubt that the blog thing will be a lot of fun. And if I can do one – then surely Paul must give it a go!
      Cheers mate.

  6. Great spoonbill shot David,
    We used to have heaps around were we live but haven’t seen one for ages.

    Good to see you on board.


    • Thanks Tom. Spoonbills are really timid and I spend weeks trying to get a reasonable shot.I’ll be chasing the Royal spoonbill next. Have to find one first!

  7. G’day David. Looking forward to seeing your posts. If you have any of Turquoise Bay, I’d love to see them. Cheers

    • Cheers Andrew.
      I’ll post a Ningaloo shot tomorrow.

      • Just jumped on your site and found one. Beautiful. Captured the place as it is, clear skies, white sand, warm turquoise water, shame a turtle wasn’t sticking it’s head out!

        Spent a good 6-7 months in Exmouth and Turquoise Bay has some special significance. I will return one day, this time with a decent camera!

  8. Cracker of an image mate…top capture!

  9. love the DOF.great shot. Looking forward to seeing more.

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