Serious birds

•September 2, 2010 • 13 Comments

Borneo is well-known for its spectacular hornbills. There are 8 species found on the island. They are unique in that most have large casques on their bills which are thought to amplify the birds calls. The male on the right has larger beak and casque. But probably the most extraordinary feature of these birds is their breeding habits. After mating the female lays her eggs in a tree hollow before the entrance is all but sealed with mud with female and her developing brood trapped inside. She and the subsequent chicks remain trapped for around 2 months and fed by the male through a very narrow opening. It is thought that this extraordinary behaviour is to protect the female and her chicks. Pretty amazing eh?

The 2 hornbills in this picture were such posers. They remained on this bare branch overhanging a river for about 10 minutes. I took about 300 images of them. It was hard to pick favourites from that lot! But I do like this one.

Borneon elephants

•August 31, 2010 • 13 Comments

We were fortunate enough to spend a few days with Borneo’s wild elephants whilst photographing them from a boat. We even got to see 5 cross the river. In common with many large rainforest species these elephants are an endangered species.

Proboscis monkeys

•August 25, 2010 • 22 Comments

The proboscis monkey is an unusual primate which can only be found on the island of Borneo. We came by this monkey troop whilst cruising down a jungle river. There was lots of fog around and the monkeys almost glowed in the early morning light.

The proboscis has been described as the world’s ugliest monkey because of the ┬ámales enormous nose. I disagree and reckon these monkeys are so unique and I just love their vibrant colour. Scientists are apparently unsure as to why the males have such large noses but it is believed that the larger the nose the more attractive they are to the females! This male had about 10 females in his troop.

Back from Borneo

•August 24, 2010 • 14 Comments

Just got back from Borneo where we spent two amazing weeks in and around the Malaysian jungle. It was by no means a relaxing holiday! For this shot we set the alarm for 3am before hiking through dense rainforest on the 2 hour climb in dark to this fantastic vantage point. The heat, humidity and leeches were exhausting to say the least!

Super Pit

•August 6, 2010 • 10 Comments

Even the gigantic haul packs are dwarfed by Kalgoorlie’s huge Super Pit gold mine. The mine itself is about 3.5 km long, 2km wide and 500 metres at its deepest point.

Spiny-cheeked honeyeater

•August 6, 2010 • 12 Comments

We went for a trek across the lake where I got a few shots of spiny cheeked honeyeater. I returned later that day to try and get a few more. None of these shots were worth posting so I checked through my archives a found this little gem I took about a year ago. Same bird species just different location. I really like the birds reptilian-like face!

Lake Ballard textures

•August 6, 2010 • 10 Comments

I really like the colours and textures in this one.


•August 6, 2010 • 6 Comments

This pair of euros is probably my favourite shot from Lake Ballard. The area was quite sterile and the wildlife was hard to find. I walked about a kilometre to find these guys only to realise that I had all my cf cards in my other bag back at camp! ┬áSo I quickly trekked back to camp to get a card cursing myself. How could I be so careless! When I got back the euros hadn’t moved fair. So I was lucky to get this shot and a few others before they bounded over the hill.

Avon River, Northam

•August 6, 2010 • 6 Comments

The Fletcher brothers, Mark Stothard and I have just got back from a 3 day photo trip to Lake Ballard in the Goldfields. We stopped off in Northam to see what was on offer. I was instantly drawn to the rivers beautiful white swans which glided on the Avon’s glassy waters. Was a great trip fellas!



Pied heron

•June 10, 2010 • 30 Comments

Whilst in the Kimberley I found a group of colourful pied herons catching eel-tailed catfish in a fast flowing stream. I spent hours watching the herons stab the water hoping to catch something. As the catfish have a poisonous barb on one of their fins to the herons had to juggle the fish with their beaks and carefully gulp them down head first so they don’t get stung. This shot is one of hundreds that I captured. I haven’t as yet picked a favorite! Hope you like it!