I’ve been working through my archive of wildlife images taken a couple of years ago. I can’t believe that I initially overlooked this one!

~ by davidbettini on February 28, 2011.

20 Responses to “Osprey”

  1. You should be fogged at the stake for missing this one mate…cracka lacka!

    • Ah mate I’ve got thousands to look through! At the time I biased towards ospreys landing with a fish so I guess I didn’t really rate this one at the time. Always worth looking through your images many months after they were taken with fresh eyes eh?

  2. Flogged that is!

    And indeed the fresh eye pass by old images can produce gold!

    The Autumn leaves shot at Bright was a result of exactly that!

  3. Stunning image Dave !

    Are all your ornithology images for a specific project or book ?

    • Not really Tony. They have been used in a few publications to date but as far as my own go I have nothing really planned as to my next project. It was great to pretty much take a hiatus from landscapes and venture into wildlife which is something I’d always wanted to try.

  4. Nice one Dave.

  5. Great shot, hard to believe you didn’t rate it!

  6. I reckon your timing was perfect, Dave. Love its eyes so sharp, claws all out-stretched and ready to grab the branch, and wings that really finish the composition of the shot. Bet you’re glad you went through your archives, eh?

    • G’day Paul
      Thanks for the great compliments! I do have many osprey shots and some are probably better than this one. I really like the way it looks as though the osprey is landing at top speed!

  7. Very nice shot Dave – nothing like this down at the Mandurah nest 😦 Is this a youngster?

    Those talons are menacing. Having been a Mandurah local for nearly 8 yrs I have often visited the nest down there however walking along a stretch of cost at Ocean Reef north of Perth I found a cliff nest with parents and young. Will be visiting up there next wkend with a camera instead of a fishing rod !!
    Great capture indeed, National Geo will be knocking soon mate with images like this, if their not already !

  9. Sorry will add the Mandurah nest is on a pole in the Mandurah Quay resort. Off Sticks Blvd. My wifes parents live a street away. Quite a lovely all year round with the estuary and local bush land however early morning in winter are stunning with early morning mist rising over the estuary and the amount of mullet these birds capture when fishing puts man to shame !!

  10. Ripper shot Dave, very cool.

  11. Great shot Dave, certainly not one to miss. Hope you’re having a ball in the Kimberley… who am i kidding, how can you miss? i’m keen to see some images from that Phase when you get back

  12. Thanks Thomas! I’ve just posted a Phase image Adam.

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