Weathered sandstone

We spent a couple of afternoons shooting the weathered sandstone a short drive from Kalbarri. Still not sure what I think of this one.

~ by davidbettini on February 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Weathered sandstone”

  1. Very vivid and vibrant Dave 🙂
    if anything I think perhaps a wider crop/pano look to it with more water in the left of frame with the cliff end not so central ? Just a thought…

    • Indeed the colours where brilliant Tone. Tried cropped more to the left but didn’t really like that much either! I only wished the patterns in the rock flowed a bit better. I got much better on film in the Murchison River’s gorges a few years ago.
      Cheers mate
      BTW Tone we had a great thunderstorm earlier in the day but couldn’t really photograph it as sand was blowing everywhere!

      • Yeah for sure – it’s definitely something you need to have a play/look at to decide and know if it would work or not.
        Sounds good Dave – gotta look after those expensive phases though ! Although fletch’s one has seemed to have survived a swim of sorts… bloody stressful one at that no doubt !

  2. phase one sharpness! got to love it.

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