Another from the Abrolhos

Here’s another shot from the Abrolhos Islands. Many of the islands are crammed with shacks used by fishermen during the cray season. For me it looks like a mini suburbia in the middle of a coral paradise. I just love all the jetties extending into the turquoise water. Would be great to get out to the islands at ground or water level one day!

~ by davidbettini on February 18, 2011.

9 Responses to “Another from the Abrolhos”

  1. Then you might need to do a West Coast trip one day son!

    We spend a couple of days going through Rat and Wallabies!

    Sweet shot mate!

    • Yea I reckon when I jump onto your boat for the 2nd time it’ll be in the Kimberley again! Are you able to get onto land when you go through? I’ve heard from my friend that it’s hard to get permission.

  2. No probs at all mate!

    We go onto Rat and Turtle Bay and Wallabies. We explore where Mutiny happened on the Batavia and snorkel the wreck as well. We also drop into South Passage and Steep Point, Coral Bay, Ningaloo and the Montes!

    • Don’t mention the Monte’s mate! Last year I had to pass up 2 weeks on a catamaran in the Monte’s cause I had a big job on at the time!
      Reckon you’d get the TN up to Gascoyne Junction at the moment with all the water around up there at the moment!
      Cheers mate

  3. HE HE very funny mate!

  4. forgot how pretty it is up there. Great pics Dave.

  5. Hi Dave,

    Great photo mate. I’m hoping to head up there and get some aerial shots soon myself. As for the Montes I was lucky enough to spend a few days there with Christian and Mike in 2009. Seems so long ago now.


    • G’day Jamie
      The Montes are fanstastic as well. I was offered 10 days on catamaran in the Montes last year but couldn’t go because of work. That was hard to take! I’ve flown over them a couple of times and have aerials. But like the Abrolhos I still have to set foot there.

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