Hi everyone.

Unbelievable! Can you believe it. I’ve finally posted a new picture. Been absent for a while haven’t I? As promised to so many I have finally reactivated the blog!

Here’s a pic I took near Albany last month. We took a canoe down and spent 2 days paddling around the tranquil inlet.

~ by davidbettini on February 11, 2011.

21 Responses to “Unbelievable!”

  1. I just saw pigs flying over Freo Sailing Club and I hear rumours hell has frozen over…oh yeah and Dave Bettini is posting again, biggest news of all! 😀 😀

    I presume this is a Phase capture? I like the lovely soft light and tones, has a nice natural beauty to it.

    • G’day Flemming.
      Yea the pigs were on their way to my house to tell me to post again! Failed to get a shot of them though. Yea it was taken on my first shoot with the Phase. Cheers for the kind words mate. Great to catch up again last night. We must go out for a shoot before the Kimberley eh?

  2. YOUR ALIVE !!!!! ….. thank God for that.

    Lets hope this is the first of a real rush of blog post’s.

    Good to see the batteries held up for this one . 🙂

    • Of course I’m alive mate! You have spoke to me serval times since my last post. Nothing wrong with the batteries mate. You’ve just go to make sure you have spares in you pocket!

  3. Good to see that you are still with us son!

    29 sleeps before we sail off on our TN adventure mate!

  4. Let the games begin!

  5. I am sure you will be up to the task son!

    I have some anti Jedi tricks up my sleeve as well!

  6. I was talking to an old timer from Northam last night who said there used to be a Dave Bettini in blogland but he thought the species might be extinct. Good to see there is still at least one male of the species left.

  7. welcome back Dave, nice capture mate

  8. Niiiiice, Dave. I’m going down that way on the long weekend. Then I’m going to get a Phase One, too (haha, I wish!).

  9. Nice shot of Waychinicup inlet Dave, its a magic spot eh? The Phase behaved well with this one, and the batteries held out? Good to chat with you last night, have a great time on the journey north. Cheers

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