Borneon elephants

We were fortunate enough to spend a few days with Borneo’s wild elephants whilst photographing them from a boat. We even got to see 5 cross the river. In common with many large rainforest species these elephants are an endangered species.

~ by davidbettini on August 31, 2010.

13 Responses to “Borneon elephants”

  1. Cool shots there Davey Boy!

    I bet you wouldn’t get as close to that little tacker in a few years once he grows up!

    • He is pretty much grown up! Borneo’s elephants are only about half the mass of the Asian elephant. They are often referred to as pigmy elephants!
      They didn’t seem to mind us getting quite close. They may have even enjoyed our presence!
      Cheers mate

  2. Nice images Dave. I love elephants, they are auch gentle giants. You just inspired me to post a little snapshot of some elephants I met in Africa. I’ve seen the African and the Asian elephants but I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting a Borneo local yet 🙂

    • Thanks Jo! You’ll really like Borneo’s elephants as they are so small!
      I haven’t seen either the African or Asian elephants (except in zoos of course) so I’ll look forward to seeing yours!


  3. Enjoying the images Dave, the ‘elephant tango’ shot is a cracker indeed !

  4. Love the Elephant Tango shot and elephants are one of my favourite animals. I have only met the Thai and Kenya versions, not the Borneo olifants 🙂 Love following your wildlife work!

    The African elephants are quite dangerous though, one must be really careful. I hope to get many more shots on my upcoming trip to Namibia and Botswana.

    • Thanks alot Bo. You’ll love these guys Bo. They were very approachable by boat. Although many other people were getting far too close! We reckon that the who situation in Borneo probably needs to be regulated a bit better as all of the close up attention the elephants are getting might be doing them more harm than good!

      Borneo’s are the only elephants I’ve ever seen in the wild. I’ve been wanting to go to Africa for ages now and I have heard that Namibia is awesome. And of course Botswana is an obvious choice.

  5. that’s some wicked stuff Davo. would have been amazing to see them so close. I too love the top image the most, but the 2nd isn’t too shabby either 🙂

  6. Cracker images David, when is the book coming out!

  7. Beaut shots Dave.

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