Super Pit

Even the gigantic haul packs are dwarfed by Kalgoorlie’s huge Super Pit gold mine. The mine itself is about 3.5 km long, 2km wide and 500 metres at its deepest point.

~ by davidbettini on August 6, 2010.

10 Responses to “Super Pit”

  1. Every time I go there they’ve shifted the lookout another 100mt and dug out another million tonne.

  2. …and Merv, how crap is that look out! Not elevated at all so that you can get the whole perspective, the slots for the cameras are about suitable for a pocket camera…very disappointing really I reckon, when it could be so easy to make the lookout really cool!

  3. sweet shot Dave. really like it. the lines, colour changes and winding road come together wonderfully.

    this taken with big bertha?

  4. What!!! No Birds????

    Thanks for the company over the last 4 days Dave. I have a new appreciation for the Bee Gee’s now and what it takes to get the perfect wildlife shot.

    No.1 Tip: Sit around for a long time, a really long time and let the action come to you. You need a walkman with the Bee Gee’s greatest hits looped to keep you sane.

    See you next time your down south for that profile shoot you have been talking about.



    • Very funny Mike! No everyone knows the secret to wildlife photography! Are you going to the Kimberley with your bro in September? Maybe we could do some action scenes up there? If not I will certainly head down your way! Or maybe do both eh?
      Cheers mate!

  5. I’ll be there so we can do something no probs.

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