This pair of euros is probably my favourite shot from Lake Ballard. The area was quite sterile and the wildlife was hard to find. I walked about a kilometre to find these guys only to realise that I had all my cf cards in my other bag back at camp!  So I quickly trekked back to camp to get a card cursing myself. How could I be so careless! When I got back the euros hadn’t moved fair. So I was lucky to get this shot and a few others before they bounded over the hill.

~ by davidbettini on August 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Euros”

  1. Caught them dozing in the midday sun by the looks.

    Hairy little critters.

    Sweet shot !!!

  2. It was actually early morning mate. But I do wish they would look directly into the lens because they do indeed look as though they are sleeping. Maybe that’s why there were still there waiting!
    Cheers Dave

  3. Cracka lacka mate…Lee Lee and Me both love it!

    • Must be half decent then eh? Just been looking through my bird shots. Nothing really worth posting so I put up one I got earlier!
      Thanks Mark and Lee!

  4. nice shot Dave, amazing that they were still there for you after having to head back to camp!
    but mind you…. they kinda look like stoned kangaroo’s so maybe that’s why they hadn’t gone too far 😛 lol

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