Avon River, Northam

The Fletcher brothers, Mark Stothard and I have just got back from a 3 day photo trip to Lake Ballard in the Goldfields. We stopped off in Northam to see what was on offer. I was instantly drawn to the rivers beautiful white swans which glided on the Avon’s glassy waters. Was a great trip fellas!



~ by davidbettini on August 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “Avon River, Northam”

  1. Beautiful shot Dave!

    Lovin those swans and how well that lense of yours captures them eh!

    • Cheers Mark. This is probably one of my favourite bird shots but I only wish they were native and not an introduced species! Can’t have it all eh? I’ll get some native animals up soon.

  2. One male one female ?

    • I can only assume that they are a pair Merv as they followed each other the whole time we were there. And I also think that swans mate for life. Ain’t that sweet!

  3. I think there’s only a couple of pairs left there at the moment. Along way from the 40 to 50 that used to be on the river.

  4. perfect composition there dave! great shot

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