The perfect storm

With all the recent weather in the north of WA I thought I’d pop up a shot of one of the best thunderstorms I have every photographed.

It was taken a couple of wet seasons ago in the Kimberley. Expert storm chaser Radek Dolecki and I where lucky enough to get ourselves into perfect position as the storm advanced towards us. The air was electric. Lightning bolts were everywhere and a few raced over our heads. The thunder was sooo loud you could feel it in you chest! I took this shot about 5 minutes before the storm engulfed us with torrential rain. I love this shot as you can see where the strike hits the ground. For those who have my Kimberley book it’s in the wet season chapter on page 173.

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for your encouragement and support in 2009. Can’t wait for 2010 and hope you all have a fantastic New Year!

Cheers Dave

~ by davidbettini on December 23, 2009.

18 Responses to “The perfect storm”

  1. This has to be one the finest lightning action images I have seen. The contact with the side of the hill is insane.
    Merry christmas Dave to you and yours. Ive enjoyed looking at all your posts and appreciate all your comments on my blog in 2009.
    Happy New Year, regards Adrian

  2. Best lightning shot I have ever seen.


  3. very good!! and what ^^ they said.

  4. Yep a ripper Dave , loved this picture in the book.

    Cheers mate and Merry Xmas and New Year cheer as well.

    Will catch up with you next year , we’d better have a country run I think.

    We’re off down south next week for a while so see you after that.


  5. That’s one awesome lightening image mate, wouldn’t want to be at the end of that one.

  6. i honestly didn’t know what to think with the purple tinge when i saw the thumbnail. but opened it up anyway and was bloody glad I did.
    what a shot is all I can say. 🙂

    i’ll grab a copy of the book from ya on Oz day when the trip to Rotto happens. bout time I got off my butt and did it i think haha.

    all the best for chrissy and new years 🙂

  7. Wow Dave. Awesome shot. I agree with the other guys comments, this is one of the best lightning photo’s I have ever seen. Merry Christmas, have a great New Year.

  8. Wow Dave, the perfect photo. That is just an extraordinary image.

  9. That’s the full deal alright Dave, can only imagine what it was like to be there at the time, bloody scary I bet.
    have a top xmas.

  10. Thanks for the comments fellas. It was indeed a awesome storm!
    I’ll bring a copy of the book on Australia Day Stephen.
    Merry Christmas and good times to all !!

  11. Awesome just about sums that shot up. I havent seen a lightnight shot this good ever.
    Have a good xmas and new year

  12. I remember you showing me that photo in Hedland Dave, awesome.
    Merry xmas to you and your family mate, will definitely see you on TN.

  13. Stonkin’ shot mate…green with envy I am….gonna get one, one day I hope!

    Merry Xmas buddy!

  14. thats an awesome wild lightning shot! would have been awesome being there too!

  15. Absolutely cracking shot Dave ! Love the illumination of the hillside and its trees etc.
    All the best in 2010 mate !

    tone (-:

  16. Sure was the perfect storm. Thanks for stopping by guys!

  17. yep it is a primo shot Dave and if I was there I would have missed it as I would have been hiding under the car seat. Well done and glad your still here with us to tell the tale.
    See you on TN for the Rotto extravaganza.

  18. love this shot mate! So abstract and very intense!!

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