4 zebras

Hi everyone. Apologies for my absence over the last month or so. I’ve been away to Carnarvon and catching up the backlog of work since returning to Perth. All up and running again now! Here’s a pick of a few zebra finches taken whilst up in Carnarvon. There were some massive flocks of these little critters and I managed to get 4 to stay still long enough to get a shot of them. The ones with the orange cheeks are males and ones without are females. Hope you like it.

Cheers Dave

~ by davidbettini on December 7, 2009.

26 Responses to “4 zebras”

  1. Like it Dave.

    Tell me , how did you get 2 to look to the left and 2 to look to the right on cue. 🙂

    Looking forward to some more station shots , a windmill maybe ?


    • I took hundreds of shots Merv. There were so many of them perched on the branches and constantly on the move! Didn’t take any shots of windmills on this trip but i reckon I could dig out an old shot for you!
      Great to meet you the other day.

  2. Nice shot Dave! They certainly have some character.

  3. You are da dude of dease short of shots dude!!

    Nice one mate!

  4. simply stunning Dave, you would have to be able to sell this to Australian Geo or something like that. I really like it. So bloody sharp too.

  5. Great shot Dave, Simple, straight to the point and nice and clear. Did you take this with the big 600 ?

  6. Great Dave,
    We used to have some as pets, great little birds.
    I am amazed by the sharpness, great quality image.

  7. Hey Dave, awesome shot, timing, composition, super sharp,

  8. That’s well composed, I like this shot, try and sell it to Apple, they can add it to the sample images for Aperture. Tweet!

  9. they set themselves up perfectly for ya Dave
    awesome shot!

  10. Awsome shot you got there Dave, great comp and nice and sharp. These birds look like they have a bit of personality, I’d imagine they are quite interesting to watch.


  11. Great shot Dave. love the 600!

  12. I use to remember catching these in my back yard up in Newman as a kid and putting them in my dad’s avery. Great shot.

  13. Hey Dave if it wasn’t Xmas a trip north would be good right now, or have you gone !!

    Plenty of water about if you could get around to see it.

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