Down south….


Just so everyone doesn’t start thinking that I only head up north here’s an image from WA’s south. I took this pic on a trip to the Esperance earlier this year. The colourful rocks of this windswept part of the world make great compositions me thinks….

~ by davidbettini on October 22, 2009.

15 Responses to “Down south….”

  1. Hey Dave, love the clouds in this image, the whole image in fact has a really nice balance. Great contrast in colour in the foreground with the “salt bush” and the slight spray off the breaking wave.
    Very nice mate LOVE IT

  2. really nice Dave. blown all my Esperance stuff out of the water already with this image haha

    great composition sums it up. 🙂

  3. Nice

    Good to see it’s not all red dust and fly’s mate.

  4. Definitely great boulders there Dave – I just love the water colour down in that region, the 100km’s or so either side of Esperance is incredible !


  5. Both sweet shots mate!

    Lightning envy on the other one!



  6. Great balance, the rocks are brilliant and the sky is the icing on the cake. The Dom’ would be proud, the foreground is just magic.

  7. Ah yes I do know who are talking about now Matt.

  8. Very nice shot

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