Kimberley thunderstorm


As requested by Merv French here’s one of his favorites from my Kimberley book. Thanks for the comments mate! 

My friend Radek Dolecki and I were up in the Kimberley during the Wet a couple of years ago and got onto some really cool thunderstorms. Here’s one of them!

~ by davidbettini on October 19, 2009.

33 Responses to “Kimberley thunderstorm”

  1. I haven’t seen the whole book yet but I would venture a guess that this would end up my favourite as well. Stunning!!!! I love it, just my sorta thing. Red outback dirt road to infinity, great big dramatic clouds – with a bolt of lightning. Just amazing!

    PS. I reckon the keyboard left out a t in the title in the image 🙂

    • Thanks Flemming. I reckon you’d have lots of favorites. I too love wide open landscapes with dirt roads. And of course also look for great cloud formations. Thanks too for the spell check! Cheers mate

  2. Great shot mate I love it , that’s my kinda country as well.

    I’ve just gotta get up there in the wet season.

    How many attempts did you have to get this shot with the lightning Dave ?

  3. Very nice shot, i saw one of your books the other day…. nice work!!!

  4. Well now I am really hanging out for the book Dave, Great stuff.
    By the way my bags are packed.

    Cheers Pete.

  5. Great shot!

  6. cracker of a shot Dave, as per usual.

  7. Brilliant shot Dave, no wonder why it is in the book.


  8. Love this Shot David ,
    Would be one of my favourite I have seen of yours
    Colors look great and nice capture of the lighting strike

  9. Fantastic image Dave ! I was wondering if Radek was one of your mates that you had referred to in a comment on my blog – he has some EXTREMELY spectacular shots !
    top work !
    tone 🙂

  10. Dave this is awesome

  11. I can see why Merv liked this so much, it’s Australia on postcard A+ with the lightening strike and all, just wonderful, purple sky’s a winner:)

  12. incredible shot man. 🙂 not sure how i missed this post before!

    haha, you can’t get anything past Flem can you- nail the horizon and he’ll get ya on your spelling! 😛

  13. this is an epic image, its just great!

  14. freakin awesome, please be sure to drop one your books into PRA when it’s done.

  15. awesome shot, i love storm chasing

  16. Beautiful shot David! The colour of the cloud is beautiful!

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