Black and yellow broadbill


Here’s a nature pic taken from my recent trip to Borneo. Photographing wildlife in the dense tropical rainforest is tricky at the best of times. The broadbill hopped so quickly through the foliage that I only had a few seconds to bump up the ISO and snap a couple of quick shots. Sadly this colourful little critter is an endangered species and is getting harder and harder to find in the wild.


~ by davidbettini on October 11, 2009.

11 Responses to “Black and yellow broadbill”

  1. is this taken with the big bertha?? great shots, couldn’t imagine how tough it would have been to get something like this!

    • Hi Stephen. I didn’t have the 600 when I went to Borneo. I used the 100-400. We were on a small boat drifting down the river checking out the wildlife. I can’t image getting any shots from the forest floor!

  2. That is one beautiful little critter.

  3. Doesn’t look all that large so getting him separated from the folage would be the trick here if he bounces around a bit.

    Well done.

  4. Nice capture mate!

    You would be in your element at Eco Beach! The bird life up there is something else!

    Evey time i saw a worthy bird I had the 50mm on doing a stitch and then when I changed to the 300, they would run away!!

    Gotta be focused one way or the other I reckon!

  5. nice little birdies hey, pretty shots mate.

  6. Yea thanks Christian. He did move really quickly but this did allow me to get both sides of him.

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