The great Aussie road trip

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A couple of days ago Christian Fletcher, Mark Stothard, Greg Munyard and I headed out on the road trip of a lifetime! Nothing was planned as we headed north towards Paynes Find. Over 1000 kilometres was covered in just 36 hours as we photographed everything from windmills to salt lakes. Nothing was barred. CF even spend half an hour photogaphing a dilapidated bowling club – although his judgement may have impaired by lack of sleep as he came very much unprepared for a cold night in the bush!

Much fun was had by one and all! A big thanks must go to CF for providing the logistics, Mark for his wicked southern American jokes and Greg for his legal support! Cheers fellas.

~ by davidbettini on October 3, 2009.

23 Responses to “The great Aussie road trip”

  1. Sounds like a cool trip David. Love the header image and the series of 4 images especially the building one. WIll be checking back often to se more …. Added your blog link to mine as well …



    • Cheers Neal. Thanks for the link – I’m about to add yours too. It was CF’s idea to stop at the old buildings. He’s got a cracker abstract shot from there. So I reckon if you put the pressure on him he’ll post that one for ya! Thanks for stopping by and btw I’ve been stopped by your blog in the past and your pics are A1.

  2. Hey Dave,
    This is a really nice compilation, great contrasting images.
    Look forward to the next post

    • Cheers Adrian. I’ll see if I can get another post up in the next couple of days – although the pics I’ve posted are my faves from the trip. Your macros from your D’Entrecasteax trip are really cool.

  3. Nice shots Dave, Thats a fair amount of driving in 36hours haha.

  4. Good stuff Dave, I bet the old bowling club that CF photographed was at Pithara. am I right ?
    36 days would have been a better time frame considering where you went. Lot’s of photo opportunities out that that way.

    Cheers Pete.

    • Yep got it in one Peter! I’m looking forward to see what Christian got! 36 days would be a nice trip away wouldn’t it! I am going away next week for a slightly longer trip – 4-5 days. So will see what other oportunities arise!

  5. Nice word Dave,
    Nice compilation of images.
    I spent a day out shooting wildflowers today and it was great get back to basics.


    • Thanks Tomas. Haven’t the wildflowers been top class this year? I’ve still got a heap of stitches from a previous trip to put together. So many places to check out and so little time to see them all! Look forward to seeing some of your pics.
      Cheers Dave

  6. Excellent cross section of what we saw Dave and I very much like the little Robbin that took our fancy for an hour or so!

    Am working up a few more myself and will post as they come together. Stay tuned for the Merv wildflower comp at 2000 hrs tomorrow night when we will both post simultaneously!!

    Looking fwd to seeing more of your stuff from the trip.



    • Cheers Mark. I thought it would cool to do a compliation as it was a very quick and varied trip.

      Yep I have canceled everything tomorrow night so I can tune into the great wildflower contest. This is going to be bigger than the APPAs.

  7. great compilation David, works well together and does sum up the 36 hours perfectly. I have only one pic done so far as family commitments have been the priority. I had a great time with you guys and look forward to the next exciting installment. Cheers

  8. Cheers mate. I’ve just checked out your haunted house pic. Spooky!!

  9. Great set of Images David ,Sounds like it would have been a great trip
    Really love your header image .
    Sorry never came stumbled across your blog earlier

  10. Great compilation David, love the Robin. Nice place to visit up around there for a few days.

    Received the books , thanks mate , they are superb.


  11. great collection of images Dave.
    sounds like a pretty interesting trip yus had 😛

  12. Great compilation Dave! (Takes some artistic skill, eh? LOL). Hey, what a great 36 hrs! I was so impressed with your bird knowledge and how you get those great shots of them. My family loved the robin ones – thanks again for setting that up!

  13. Any time Greg!

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