Horizontal Waterfall




Malcolm Douglas once said that the Horizontal Waterfall is one of the great natural wonders of the world. Yep spot on Malcolm!

It’s also one of my favorite spots on the Kimberley coast, especially when the spring tides are cranking.

Both pics are from my Kimberley book.

~ by davidbettini on September 25, 2009.

21 Responses to “Horizontal Waterfall”

  1. Awesome Dave,
    It is a spectacular wonder,and the extraordinary brute forces that pass through it is incomprehensible.
    Love that top view, a different angle, it shows it’s magnitude.

    I must get there one day.

  2. I agree mate, its an amazing spot and your photos are very nice. When we were there, the tides were only just starting to run, so I never got to see it in full flight. I will get back there one day, that is for certain… but im off to PNG first. Thanks for all your help and answers to my questions when I rang too Dave, really appreciate it


    • Cheers Rod. I took these shots on 2 separate visits. I tried to predict the tides each time without much success. The tides are too hard to predict. So both times were hung around until they were cranking. I really wanted to get a shot of both of them running with each time that happened the light was all wrong!
      So I will have to get back up there one day too!

  3. sweet shots Dave, Very cool place.

  4. Wow, looks like an amazing spot. Really nice images, the square crop works well.

    • You gotta get up there if you get the chance Luke. It sure is amazing. The square shot is my fav too. BTW it not actually a crop. It was shot on a 6×6 cm square format film camera! Going back a few years now aren’t I ?

  5. Well done Dave…that place is so hard to get a good shot of eh!

    If it isn’t the contrast from the sun being in the wrong spot it is the harshness of the midday sun one has to contend with!

    I have not managed to get there yet in the best conditions….one day!



    • Cheers Mark. Yep one day eh? I remember seeing an awesome shot years ago with both gaps cranking taken from a low angle no doubt from a chopper. Haven’t come close to beating that one yet!
      How was Rotto. Nice up until today eh?

  6. Very Nice Dave , great perspective.

    Love that bottom shot, makes you wonder what went on there before the wall broke open or how it all happened.

  7. First wildflower post up now Dave!

    Thanks for the company this week…good to finally meet you!



  8. Beautiful shots dave. That Kimberly book looks like a cracker. Glad to see you got a blog up and running.

  9. Thanks Matt. Yep I’m pretty happy with my latest book. And I reckon I’m the last to start a blog but better late than never! I’ll add you to my links. Cheers Matt.

  10. Dave,

    I work for an agency that prides itself on these sort’s of images and fails any post production process with utter success. We specialise on anything that looks good in the kodachrome days of the 70’s. Either of these images will easily outsell anything we’ve got and it’s not hard to see why. One day a book will be written (by Dilbert)… Accountants’ and why they’ll never appreciate anything artistic ever, if at all!

  11. wow this is very trippy, i like it

  12. I love the second shot Dave – the colour and clarity is sublime and would be one of my favourite aerials shots of the spot that I have seen !

  13. They are planning a copper mine right on top of this particular wonder.

    “Pegasus Metals Limited (ASX: PUN) announces that it has agreed to explore the McLarty Range
    Copper Project, with over $1,110,000 of new funding to be provided by Investmet Limited and
    associates (“Investmet”).” Oct 2009.

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