Mt Kinabalu Rainforest

KRBEarlier this year I spent about a week in Malaysian Borneo. This is a shot of the jungle that surrounds Mt Kinabalu, one of SE Asia’s highest mountains. I didn’t actually get to see the mountain as it was shrouded in mist. I was also keen to find and photograph the worlds largest flower – Rafflesia. The flower is bright red and about 2-3 feet wide! I lucked out as it is extremely rare. Apparently only 4 or 5 were reported in Malaysia last year!

~ by davidbettini on September 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Mt Kinabalu Rainforest”

  1. It’s hard to capture that sort of rainforresty stuff eh, but you have done a nice job of it here Dave!

    I spent 2 weeks at Kota Kinaa Balu skydiving out of C130’s a few years ago. Every night we jumped into the beach at the Shangri La hotel where we were staying….waycool!

    Pretty spot for sure.

    • Yep rainforests can be almost impossible sometimes. Luckily I had a narrow path and some vines to help me out. I’ll be posting some wildlife shots from Borneo soon . In many ways I found the wildlife over there must easier than landscapes.

      Oh and I have know doubt that you would have stepped out of plane whilst you were at KK! Incidentally do you know the guys at the Wickham skydiving club. I chartered their plane to get some aerial shots a few years ago.


  2. The Blog is up! nice to see, Nice shots too, I like Rainforrest photos and this is nicely composed good work!

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